Catcare at home

PetzCare animal care at home gives you the opportunity to take care of your cats at home. When you have holiday plans, PetzCare can bring a solution for you to take care of your cat(s). There aren't always people who can take care of your cat and most of the time it is difficult to find someone who can give medicine. 

Especially cats are animals which are very attached to their territory and environment. For the majority of cats, therefore, it gives very much stress when they are accommodated somewhere else. The cat is therefore best to stay in his own environment.

If you have a cat with constant medical care, then I can certainly take care of it. Before you go on vacation, the cat has a must have a worm medicine and a pipette against fleas. This is convenient for you and the animal (it's not nice after your vacation to have a flea infestation in your home).

What does care for your cats contains?

Upon entering I first give consideration to the cats, then I give food and water. Once they eat I do other tasks, such as changing cat litter. I also put the post in a different place, give the plants water and vacuum clean where the animals roam at that time. After that is done and the cats have eaten meanwhile I sit with them and pet them or play with the cats, just what they are used to and like. 

Supplies in your home:

enough food / cat litter and scoop / toys/ dishwashing supplies for the trays

Animalcare at home

Besides cats, also other animals can be taken care of at your home. This can be rabbits, rodents, ferret, fish, chicken of other animals.