For dogs, I offer individual service outlet. If you do not have the opportunity to let your dog or dogs out, I can offer a solution for you. I can let the dog out every week, but It is also possible to let your dog on a flexible basis. I walk with your dog and when you live near the park or forest I go there. Your dog can play with other dogs and run free. But it is also possible to walk near your house.

I find personal attention important, so I don´t walk with more than 4 dogs at a time. I look which dogs can walk with each other and that they don´t live to far from each other, so they won´t sit a long time in the care. A private walk is also possible.

I walk from Monday till Friday between 10.00 AM till 2 PM and walk for 3 quarters/an hour. Ofcourse I write down your preferred time. I don´t walk in the weekend and during (school) holidays, but if you need one day to walk , we can ofcourse allways deliberate about that.

I find it important to be close with the dogs, so I am the only one who walks with the dog. So it can happen that I am not available for one day, but I let you know in time.

Dogcare at home

I have paraveterinairy degree and experience, so I can also come at your house to take care of your dog. This can be various things, like giving medicine, taking care of wounds or other possibilities.