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I am Corine van der Neut-Könst and I am offering a rabbit and rodent hotel and rabbit grooming salon.
I have different pages translated in English for you. I hope i can help you with my service.

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Rabbits and rodents hotel
PetzCare has a rabbit and rodent hotel in the Kwakel. The rabbits have a very spacious and shielded outdoor quater with or without stairs and day and night enough room to move. Indoor rabbits have space in an indoor quarter with fence around it, guinea pigs go into an indoor quarter on a shelf and other rodents stay in their own quarter. This is in an insulated barn with heating and air conditioning. The daycare is my full job, so there is 24 hour supervision and I am paraveterian trained.

Rabbit grooming salon
Rabbits that have difficulty getting rid of the hair during moulting, long-haired rabbits that need to be cut or rabbits with a lot of tangles or felted hairs can go to petzcare rabbit grooming salon to have the coat treated.

Additional services
PetzCare offers various services to make your animals stay even more pleasant. Such as cutting the nails, giving medication and as above a trim. It is also possible to order various products. I have made a choice of products that I find very useful for the rabbits. The products are divided into food, grooming products, entertainment and medical products. Under the name services-products, these services and products can be found.

PetzCare rabbit hotel has been affiliated by foundation konijnenbelangen and the grooming salon has been recognised by Konijnenadviesbureau and PD konijnen trimmen.

You can find more information on this site and I hope to take care of your animals!
If you have any questions, please call 06 55689668 or email info@petzcare.nl

See also my facebook page on www.facebook.com/petzcarekonijnenhotel.

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About me

My name is Corine van der Neut-Könst and I live in De Kwakel, I am married with Martijn and have three children, Ryan, Jayson and Lynn.

I have one dog, Evy, two cats, Lady and Luna, and two rabbits, Roos and Donder. My passion for animals is huge, I always had the dream of working with them and I had always a lot around me. I've done a lot of volunteer work, such as nursing address for cats and hedgehogs. I was also driver at the Animal Rescue. Also I have taken care of at home several rabbits, a rabbit shelter. In 2013 I adopted a seal at Ecomare with my children. The seal Ginger we have released back into the sea after several months.

I have 14 years working experience in various sales and marketing departments of VNU / Sanoma Publishers. During this period I did a lot of volunteer work for animals, and since October 2009 I joined training center in Barneveld to follow the professional training to become a Paraveterinair. This was a training of two years and very intense and instructive. From 2009 I have worked at various veterinary clinics.

I have also the degree of professional competence of dog and cat and other mammals. Foundation of Rabbit interest had aproved PetzCare with 5 stars for feeding, housing and medical services.

In 2020 I started with the degree of rabbit grooming, while I saw different rabbits at the hostel with tangles and felt spots. So I wanted to learn more about it to remove it and give the rabbits a better coat.

With PetzCare rabbit and rodent hostel and grooming salon I find a fun challenge! With my knowledge and experience, I am confident to provide my services to the satisfaction of all pets and their owners! I hope to meet you and know I can be of service!

Me with my dog Evy

My 4 rabbits running outside

My cats Lady and Luna


Rabbits and rodents hostel
If you want to use rabbit or rodents hostel at PetzCare, I like to inform by phone or by mail all the information and the days when rabbits or rodents will be provided to me. I mail the completed forms to you. You can pay cash when you bring the animals or transfer the amount at least 14 days before the treatment begins.

Rabbit grooming
If you want rabbit grooming by PetzCare, I like to receive by email all your information.
I email the completed forms to you.
After the treatment I know how long I have been busy and how much the cost will be.
You can pay by cash or I app a tikkie to pay to PetzCare.

Rabbit care at home
Once you contact me I can give a first rough estimate of the costs by telephone or by email and after that I'll be happy to visit you for a free consultation. I discuss all requirements with you during the interview. All your wishes about caring for your pet are well noted. You can currently hand over your house key.
After the visit at your home, you receive by email the intake form with all agreements and terms and conditions. You can transfer the amount at least 14 days before the treatment begins. If there are additional costs to come (e.g. vet visits, extended parking costs) then afterwards you will receive an invoice with the remaining amount. It is always possible to cancel; I do not charge cancellation fees.

After your vacation you get your key back as soon as possible. I hand over the key to you or under other arrangements, such as dropping off at the neighbours or I keep the key for taking care in the future.

Terms of conditions
Herewith you find the terms and conditions and at the footer you find the privacy statement of PetzCare.

Information about rabbits

I am happy to give you information about rabbits.

Rabbits are social

Rabbits are very social animals, so that's why it is very important to place rabbits as a couple. I try to promote that at PetzCare as well. Of course, as an owner you can give a rabbit a lot of attention and freedom, but a buddy is still the most pleasant. Rabbits always sit together and lick each other and have support for each other. In addition, a nurse matches best with a ram. The ram can be castrated at 4 months old and a feeder at 6 months old. From 3/4 months of age they have to be separated from each other, but then it is important that they still see each other to promote the mating process afterwards. After castration, the ram should remain separated from the feeder for another 3 weeks.

Most of the time, the ram is castrated, but the nurse is more likely to have uterine inflammation at a later stage if she is not castrated, so it is advisable to do the same. Of course, only nurses or rams can get together, but it is important that they sit together from an early age. If you pair rabbits together, it is best to do so on neutral ground. I can always help with this. Finding a 2nd rabbit is always best done through a shelter. They always have a lot of rabbits and can see if the pairing has gone well and you do a good deed with it too! I am in contact with a good shelter for relocation of rabbits, so I can certainly help you with this.

You can find rabbits at





It is important that rabbits have the space. Preferably in the whole garden, but if that is not possible, a loft with sufficient walking possibilities. Also, try to challenge the rabbit. Place boxes where they can go, fun toys, such as toilet roll or rattle. They also like food enrichment bins. For example, place a few pieces of hard food in an enrichment container (which are also for dogs or cats) and the rabbit is certainly sweet with it! They also like willow branches very much.


It is important to keep a close eye on the rabbit's fur. Rabbits that are very moulting and therefore eat a lot of hair when licking clean, can suffer from this. It is best to brush the rabbit with a boar hair brush, these are the most rabbit-friendly. Also pay attention to porridge with your rabbit, because these can become whole placards near their butt. Tangles must also be removed from the hair so that it cannot become a felt coat. With a lot of felt, a rabbit can move poorly and if they move less and are not comfortable in their skin, they also eat less which can be very dangerous.

If you need help with the coat treatment of your rabbit, PetzCare can always help you with that!


A rabbit eats 6 hours a day and chews 120 times a minute. To maintain / promote that process, it is important to put enough hay and straw in the loft.

Gnawing and licking stones are superfluous. Rodents are bad for the kidneys, and the rabbit already pees out all the calcium, so if she gets too much in the form of rodents, then she forms bladder stones.

Sweets contain too much sugar, it is better to add vegetables in addition to hay, hard feed, such as winter carrot, chicory, little lettuce, etc. Not too much and in moderation. Bread can give a lot of gas formation, so only give a small crust. 5 grams of herbs and 1 to 2 flaxseed chunks per day are a good addition.

The rabbit has caecotrophs, or morning manure. This means that part of the indigestible food goes to the appendix. This is where vitamins B and K are formed. By means of mucus, thinner stools come out of the anus that the rabbit immediately eats again. If there are remnants of caecotrophy in the pen, it can have several causes, such as too much food administration, the rabbit is too thick or too stiff to eat it. It helps by giving more raw fiber, such as hay and thereby limiting vegetables and hard feed.

Also pay close attention to the rabbit eating. Because a rabbit is a prodier, the rabbit shows it poorly when he / she is sick. A dog or cat can do without food for a while, but a rabbit absolutely cannot. So if you notice that the rabbit is not eating for a while, give the animal mainly force-fed (e.g. critical care), so that the intestinal process continues. And of course also go to the vet for the underlying background. For example, the teeth can overgrow (elephant positions) so that a rabbit eats poorly or the rabbit is bad in his fur and therefore not comfortable in his skin.


Rabbits are best vaccinated every year. There is a combination vaccination against myxomatosis and VHD and VHD2.


rabbits get this from mosquitoes or wild rabbits. They have closed eyes and swellings and a thickened head. 1st symtom is swollen anus and vulva.

VHD/VHS is viral heamorhagic syndrome

Rabbits get this through virus, manure, rats and mice. The rabbits die immediately after 24/48 hours. They have a high fever, are stuffy, scream and have a nervous disorder


Now there is a new variant of the VHD, namely VHD2. Rabbits get this from wild rabbits or from other rabbits that are infected. The RHD2 inoculations are now also given together with the Myxo and RHD grafts.

Public Transportation to PetzCare (Iepenlaan 22, De Kwakel)

Plan your actual trip on www.9292.nl

From Bus Station Stadhart Amstelveen
Connexion Bus Line 170 to Uithoorn.
Transfer at Busstation Uithoorn to Arriva Bus Line 147 to Alphen aan den Rijn.
Get out at Noorddammerweg, De Kwakel, bus stop iepenlaan.
From the bus stop: iepenlaan is the first road to the right.
iepenlaan 22, De Kwakel is a short walk of 4 minutes from the busstop.

From Bus Station Hoofddorp Centrum
Connexion Bus Line 340 to Uithoorn.
Transfer at Busstop Noordammerweg at the N196 road, Uithoorn.
From the bus stop: cross the street towards Noordammerweg, iepenlaan is the first road to the right.
iepenlaan 22, De Kwakel is a 10 minute walk from the bus stop.

Animal pick up and returning home service of PetzCare
When you are not able to bring your own pets to PetzCare, it is possible to make use of the pick up and returning service of PetzCare.
€ 30,- each ride plus € 0,50 each km.

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