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Are you looking for a new partner for you rabbit or do you want two rabbits, you can let me know and I will place your request on this site.

Or when you want a new home for your rabbits, you can let me know.

Your rabbits stay at your home till they find a new owner.

While these requests are very often, I want to help with my website.

When you find a match, I can help to link them to eacht other at PetzCare and give you advice how to do at home.

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Dear all,

I am looking for a fosterfamily for my rabbits Truus and Menno (around 6 years old and 1,5 and 3,5 kg).

The ideal forster family for Menno and Truus agrees that I remain the owner of both rabbits and that I therefore determine (in consulation) what happens to the 'leftover' rabbit when the other rabbit dies. Ideally, another rabbit will be addes, which I do not own. I travel permanently through Europe with my motorhome and can therefore nog longer physically take care of them. They have been staying at a rabbit shelter in De Kwakel (North Holland) for a year now, but can be placed anywhere in the country (a friend of mine caa bring them)oord-Holland), maar kunnen door het hele land geplaatst worden (een vriendin van mij kan hen komen brengen).


I will cover the costs of their care. They eat Science Selective 4+ and get fresh vegetables and hay (and water)daily. I am also willing to buy them a nice place with a run, because it is very important that  they get enough room to move! Vaccinations are fine (they are vaccinated), but other than that, I don't want medicine to be used.

I hope to find a good match this way.

Pleae contact me at

tel. 06-48275149 or Thanks in advance!


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