Rabbit grooming salon

Now it is possible at PetzCare to take care of your rabbits hair.

Not all the rabbits are capable of taking care of their own hair. Rabbits in the moult with weigthproblems or old age and rabbits with long hair need help. A rabbit that isn't brushed or cut on time can get problems like eye inflammation, overheating and constipation by swallowing hair in combination with wrong food.

Longhair rabbits, like Teddy Dwarf, Teddy Widder, Angora, but also French lop and Flemish giant or older rabbits can get tangles and felt spots in their hair. These spots can pull on the skin and give a lot of inconvenience for the rabbit. When your rabbit has trouble with felt spots, please don't hesitate to contact me.


The hairtreatment depends of the type of rabbit and what is necessary for the rabbit.

First I look at the incisors, eyes and ears and I cut the nails of the rabbit.
Nails always grow and they can grow crooked or too long, so that's why it is pleasant for the rabbit that I cut them.

During the hairtreatment I check it there are tangles/felt spots and dirt in the hair.
As well shorthair and longhair rabbits can have benefit of brushing and combing. For shorthair rabbits this treatment is usefull during the period of moult. Especially old and weaker rabbits have often difficulties during this period. The fully coat is going to be brushed and a lot of hairs will be removed. Herewith I reduce the chance of constipation.
Also the coat of longhair rabbits can be tangled, if you don't treat it well. During the treatment the full coat will be brushed. Tangles in the coat can't always be brushed, in that case it needs to be cut or shaved out of the coat.

When the butt of a rabbit is very dirty by tangles or sticky poo, I first wash the butt before I go on with the treatment.

The hair will be cut short, so the rabbits have a minimum chance of tangles in the future.

A rabbit that has felting needs care directly. It is important that there is time to remove the felt spots in a relaxed way. By felting most of the time the coat needs to be shaved. When a treatment will take a couple of hours, it will be better for the rabbit to stay one day at PetzCare, so the treatment can take place with breaks.
When the coat of your rabbit is badly felted, it is hard to remove it without damaging some skin. PetzCare isn't responsible for this. Ofcourse I do my upmost best to prevent damaging the skin, but you need to consider that it can happen with bad felted skin. I have a calming ointment to let the skin come to rest. The rabbit will be happy to be released of felted hair and can run around freely again.

Information and tips

Eating problems
When the coat of your rabbit has a lot of tangles or felted spots it can happen that the rabbit doesn't feel well. He can't loose its warmth and it is a possibility that he stops eating. This can be dangerous for your rabbit while the gastrointestinal system can be shut down. When you see that your rabbit needs grooming, please don't hesistate to contact me.

When you are not sure of the health of your rabbit, I advise you to go to the vet at anytime.

Bring his/her buddy
It is the best to bring the buddy of the rabbit, also when it doesn't need treatment. During the journey and around the treatment they support eachother and they have de same smell of the groomingsalon, so it isn't strange for them.

Enough hay and fresh water
After the treatment it is important that you rabbit has enough hay and fresh water. After the treatment the rabbit will clean and lick itself, so it needs to get rid of the hairs.

You can come to PetzCare to treat your rabbit or I can come to your place. You will get a discount when you are also customer of rabbit hostel of PetzCare. And it is also very pleasant for the rabbit to get his treatment during the hostel period, while I have more moments to spread the treatment and stress will be minimum for the rabbit.

Licensed grooming

I have had my education by North Hollands rabbit education buro and the Animal academy.

I am also registered with more rabbit grooming persons and we have contact with each other about the latest news and developments.


If you want rabbit grooming by PetzCare, I like to receive by email all your information.
I email the completed forms to you.
After the treatment I know how long I have been busy and how much the cost will be.
You can pay by cash or I app a request by bank to pay to PetzCare.