PetzCare rabbit hotel

PetzCare has a Rabbit and Rodent Hotel. The Rabbit Hotel is approved by the Rabbits Interest Council.

You bring your rabbits/rodents, vaccination passport and the hard feed before your holiday to PetzCare and after your holiday you pick them up. Everything has been taking care of.

Outdoor quarters

PetzCare has a large fenced area in the Kwakel. There are fourteen quarters, with an inner loft of 1230/150 cm long and one meter wide. Most quarters are with stairs and an outdoor area of 2.5 to 3 meters long and 130/150 cm wide. There are two quarters without stairs. These are for rabbits that have difficulty climbing the stairs. The rabbits can walk outside and inside day and night and are shielded from rain, wind and bright sun.

There are also two quarters with fence available, if a permanent place is not yet available. I find it important that rabbits have enough room to move. The rabbits of one owner cannot get to to other rabbits and are separated from each other. To give the rabbits enough to do, they have a tunnel, toys and they also get willow items from PetzCare. The quarters are on stones and they do not take turns walking on grass, so that they do not come into contact with each other's urine and that infections and diseased will be limited as possible. And everyone must also be vaccinated, of course.

The rabbits and rodents inside the barn

PetzCare has a warmed and isolated barn where the rabbits and rodents, who live inside the house, can come the whole year. There are inside quarters for the rabbits of 140cm long and 70 cm wide with fences around it with a total space of 130-150 cm by 200/250 cm. They can move well. The rodents have a space on the shelf and for the hamsters you need to bring your own cage. Space is very important, so that why I have only room for six spaces.

The hamsters can be in the barn or inside the house. You have to bring your own pen with you.

Quarter supplies and service

In the quarter I provide a layer of flax and sawdust ground cover and straw and ofcourse also hay for the whole day. Raw fiber/hay is necessary for rabbits, they chew six hours a day, on average 120 times a minute. I check the quarters every day to change pee and poop spots.

I also give the rabbits fresh vegetables and herbs and flaxseed during the shedding period, but this in consultation with the owner. For each rabbit I keep track of what they can and cannot eat and whether they need extra attention with regard to, for example, sticky poop.

You should bring your own hard food, as rabbits have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract and therefore too much change in hard food is not desirable. For the very hot days I also put down ice pods, so that the rabbits can lie on the them nice and cool.

Additional services
U can use the services and products of PetzCare. Such as cutting nails, a full trim or spraying with Anti Myiasis. Ofcourse I make sure that the quarters are clean, so that there as few flies/pests flying around as possible. I am present all day to keep an ey on the rabbits/rodents.

If your rabbit or rodent is sick, I will contact you first, if possible. If your vet is near PetzCare, I will go there, otherwise I will go to Dierenarts Kudelstaart.

Taxiservice of PetzCare
If you are unable to bring or pick up your rabbits to PetzCare rabbit hotel yourself, you can also use PetzCare's rabbit pick-up and drop-off service.

In short, PetzCare takes care of everything for you. Especially just before your holiday, it is ideal to only have to bring the rabbits or guinea pigs and not to have to worry about anything else!

You are on a holiday, but also holiday for your rabbit or rodent.

PetzCare finds it important that your rabbit or rodent can enjoy theirself at their stay and that it will be so comfortable as possible. So they get a tunnel and toys in their pen, but also a willow bridge and willow tunnel voor their entertainment.

Articles in the quarter outside

Wooden tunnel, willow tunnel, grey tunnel, a toy to play with and hay ball. Also 2 litterboxes, mostly they use one for urinating etc and the other one to sleep/relax in. Furthermore a feederbowl a waterbowl and waterbottle.

Articles in the quarter inside

Wooden tunnel, willow tunnel, grey tunnel, a toy to play with and hay ball. Also 2 litterboxes, mostly they use one for urinating etc and the other one to sleep/relax in. Furthermore a feederbowl a waterbowl and waterbottle.

Medical knowledge

I am paraveterinary trained and also have experience at various veterinary practices. So it is not a problem for me to administer medication, anoint eyes, give pain relief in pipette or injections. I also keep a close eye on your rabbits / rodents. Of course, it is first important that they continue to eat well. If that is not the case, I have force-fed to help them through it. I can do this in combination with an intestinal stimulant. I have ice pods for the animals that are very hot in the summer. And recently I have an incubator and heat mat to keep the animals warm when they have a low temperature.

Rabbits are social animals

Once in a while people bring one rabbit to PetzCare, but I hope that so many owners as possible will have two rabbits in one quarter at their home, so that they will bring two rabbits to PetzCare.

Rabbits really need a friend
Rabbits are social animals, they are always together and they lick eachother.
They have also less stress in a different envoirnment together and a better health condition. I see at PetzCare that rabbits together are happier and are eating better. When you have one rabbit, you can give a lot of attention, but they are still a lot of hours alone. 

There will always be rabbits alone because of disease, agresion or death of their partner, so ofcourse they are welcome at PetzCare then. But I try to let people know that it is the best for their rabbit to let the rabbit be with a partner. Luckely there are more and more two rabbits at the hotel and I give advice of different rabbit cares where you can find a new partner. With a couple the combination of male and female workst the best, ofcourse with castration.

Enough space
And ofcourse it is very important that rabbits have enough space. One rabbit needs a minimum of two by tree meters, but ofcourse much more is better.

Terms of conditions

It is important that your rabbit is vaccinated against Myxomatosis and VHS and RHD-2 in order to safeguard the heath of all rabbits at PetzCare. You need to bring the passport with you. The RHD2 virus causes death under wild and tame rabbits, so it is important to keep this virus out of the hotel.

Please bring the hard feed with you.

Times to bring and pick up
The times of bringing and picking the rabbits are with an appointment.
Monday till Sunday from 9 AM till 12 PM


When you want to make a reservation for the rabbit hotel, please contact me by whatsapp or email. Then i can write down by email all you information. I send the confirmation and invoice. You can pay by bringing the rabbits or by bankaccount ten days before the hotelperiod starts.

Rabbits and Rodents care at home

Under special circumstances rabbits and rodents can also be taking care at you home. For example when they need medicine or animals who have been sick and it is better they stay at home.

These services aren't possible during school holidays.

Please ask for the possibilities.