PetzCare rabbits and rodents hotel

PetzCare has a Rabbit and Rodents Hostel. The Rabbit Hostel is approved by the Rabbits Interest Council.

You bring your rabbits/rodents, vaccination passport and the hard feed before your holiday to PetzCare and after your holiday you pick them up. Everything has been taking care of.

The rabbits outside

PetzCare has got in De Kwakel a new, large space outside. In this area are different pens with and without a floor in the pen. In front of the pens there are cages, so they have enough space outside. I also provide adequate shade or shelter in hot or bad weather.
The rabbits can't get to each other, all the couples are seperate from each other. The rabbits have tunnels and toys to play with and they get willow branch items.

The rabbits and rodents inside the barn

PetzCare has a warmed and isolated barn where the rabbits and rodents, who live inside the house, can come the whole year. There are pens with floors and pens which are 1,40 meter and 0,70 meter tall. They also have cages in front of it for more space.

The hamsters can be in the barn or inside the house. You have to bring your own pen with you.

Penarticles and service

In the pen I put sawdust at the bottom and some straw and for the whole day hay. I clean the pee and poopspaces every day. They also get fresh vegetables, leaves and flowers and linseeds, but this is in consultation, as there are rabbits that are susceptible to this. For each rabbit I keep good notice of what they can and cannot eat. It is important to bring their solid food with them because they have a sensitive stomach / intestinal tract and it is important that they get their own food.

When it is hot I lay down icepods. I remain their places clean of urine and remove droppings every day. I also check the rabbits every day and I make them clean regularly. I do this to avoid myasis (made disease) and to avoid hot weather. I comb long haired rabbit and I cut their nails. The guinea pigs get a layer of newspapers and granules at the bottom with some hay. And of course, plenty of vegetables per day for the vitamins. When your animal is ill, I take contact with you. I go to your own vet when it is in the neighbourhood otherwise I go to Dierenarts Kudelstaart.

Animal pick up and returning home service of PetzCare
When you are not able to bring your own pets to PetzCare, it is possible to make use of the pick up and returning service of PetzCare.

Medical knowledge

I am paraveterinary trained and also have experience at various veterinary practices. So it is not a problem for me to administer medication, anoint eyes, give pain relief in pipette or injections. I also keep a close eye on your rabbits / rodents. Of course, it is first important that they continue to eat well. If that is not the case, I have force-fed to help them through it. I can do this in combination with an intestinal stimulant. I have icepods for the animals that are very hot in the summer. And recently I have an incubator and heat mat to keep the animals warm when they have a low temperature.

You are on a holiday, but also holiday for your rabbit or rodent.

You are on a holiday, but also holiday for your rabbit or rodent.

Different willow articles for free at their stay!

PetzCare finds it important that your rabbit or rodent can enjoy theirself at their stay and that it will be so comfortable as possible. So they get a tunnel and toys in their pen, but also a willow bridge and willow tunnel voor their entertainment.

Articles in the stay outside

Wooden tunnel, willow tunnel, grey tunnel, a toy to play with and hay ball. Also 2 litterboxes, mostly they use one for urinating etc and the other one to sleep/relax in. Furthermore a feederbowl a waterbowl and waterbottle.


Wooden tunnel, willow tunnel, grey tunnel, a toy to play with.

Articles in the stay inside

Wooden tunnel, willow tunnel, grey tunnel, a toy to play with and hay ball. Also 2 litterboxes, mostly they use one for urinating etc and the other one to sleep/relax in. Furthermore a feederbowl a waterbowl and waterbottle.

Terms of conditions


It is important that your rabbit is vaccinated against myxomatosis and VHS and RHD-2 in order to safeguard the health of all the rabbits at PetzCare.. you need to bring the pasport with you.

Rabbits are social

I prefer to place 2 rabbits in the shelter instead of one rabbit. Rabbits need a friend. They are social, always sitting with each other and cleaning each other. They have less stres when they are not alone in a different space. Ofcourse it is possible to take care of one rabbit, but I certainly want to let you know what will be the best for the rabbit.

Times to bring and pick up
The times to bring and pickup the rabbits and rodents are in consultation.

From Monday till Sunday in the morning.

So, PetzCare is taking care of everything. So when you have holidaystress , you don't have stress for your rabbits and rodents, because everything has been taking care of.

Rabbits and Rodents can also be taking care of at your home.

Rabbits and rodents can also be cared at your home. I would feed the rabbits and change the water. Also, the hygiene is important. I clean the urine places and put away the poop to avoid myasis (worm disease) with warm weather.

I also look for enough shade and I look if they can walk outside the pen during my visit.

Needs at your home:

basket, little shovel, straw, hay, feed, and bowls for water.

It is also possible to take care of rodents and other animals such as guinea pigs, rats, hamsters, mice, ferrets, etc.


Rabbits and rodents hostel

If you want to use rabbit or rodents hostel PetzCare at home, I like to discuss by phone or by mail all the information and the days when rabbits or rodents will be provided to me. I mail the completed forms to you. You can pay cash when you bring the animals or transfer the amount at least 10 days before the treatment begins. Under the heading rabbit and rodentshostel you can read more about the rabbits and rodents hostel of PetzCare.

Rabbit care at home

Once you contact me I'll be happy to visit you for a free consultation. During the interview, I discuss all requirements with you and I can also view the environment of your particular animal. Also, we jointly complete the intake form. All your wishes about caring for your pet are well noted. You can currently hand over your house key or decide that I get it later.

Should you prefer a first rough estimate by telephone or by mail to, then it is also possible.

After the visit at your home, you receive by email the intake form with all agreements and terms and conditions. You can pay cash at the moment I get the key or transfer the amount at least 14 days before the treatment begins. If there are additional costs to come (e.g. vet visits, extended parking costs than this will be calculated), then afterwards you will receive an invoice sent with the remaining amount. It is always possible to cancel; I do not charge cancellation fees.

After your vacation you get your key back as soon as possible (I hand over the key to you or under other arrangements, such as dropping off at the neighbours).

Terms and conditions

Herewith you find the terms and conditions and at the footer you find the privacy statement of PetzCare.