Rates (VAT incl.)

Rabbitpension and rodentpension

€ 29,- Per pen per day for 2 rabbits or guinea pigs

€ 30,- Per pen per day for 2 big rabbits like French lop or Flemisch or German Giant

€ 30,- Per per per day for 3 rabbits or guinea pigs

€ 23,- Per pen per day for small rodents, such as hamsters


One-time surcharge of € 15,- for a stay for four days or less then four days.
You will receive a 10% discount for care of at least six consecutive weeks.

I take care of the rabbits/rodents with a lot of attention and love. The well-being of the rabbit is very important to me.
I give them all the space at PetzCare and I hope that they also get it at home.
I also think it is important that a rabbit is together with a buddy. Several studies have shown that a rabbit is really the happiest. At the shelter I also see a clear difference in behavior in one or two rabbits. Two rabbits are very relaxed together, one rabbit is more likely to have more stress in a strange environment, cannot lick another rabbit and misses its natural behavior with another. That is why I hope to convince as many people as possible that they (usually the inside rabbits) better take two rabbits into the house. Fortunately, I come across more and more sets (a ram and nurse) at the shelter and I am convinced that in the end many people want the best for their animal. And also two rabbits can still be very tame in the house.
If for whatever reason your rabbit has to be alone (e.g. the buddy has just died or you have another good reason) then placement of one rabbit or rodent is of course possible. The rate per day for one rabbit is the same as for two rabbits.

Pairing rabbits where you bring 2 rabbits yourself
Same rates as at guest house (not possible during school holidays).


€   6,- Cut nails 1 rabbits

€ 11,- Cut nails 2 rabbits

€   5,- Administer medication etc

€   8,- Administer medication 2 times or more per day

€   7,- Spraying anti-Myiasis 1 rabbit

€ 13,- Spraying anti-Myiasis 2 rabbits

€ 10,- Nail cutting and spraying 1 rabbit

€ 18,- Nail cutting and spraying 2 rabbits

€   3,- Spraying anti-Myiasis / you have the spray

€   5,- Spraying anti-Myiasis 2 rabbits / you have the spray

€   8,- Nail cutting and spraying / you have the spray

€ 14,- Nail cutting and spraying 2 rabbits / you have the spray 


Terms and conditions

Day of bringing and picking up will be calculated.
Vaccination (against VHD and Myxomatosis and RHD2) is mandatory.
Price includes ground cover, hay and straw, vegetables, herbs and linseed chunks, use of willow tunnel, willow bridge and toys. The hard food must be brought along and also the own pen of the small rodents.
If a veterinary visit is necessary, I will calculate travel costs and the bill of the veterinarian or I will have the invoice sent directly to you by the veterinarian.


Cancellation or reduction of days can be done three week in advance, after that period 30% of the cancellated price will be calculated.

Cancellation or reduction of days for stays for more than four weeks can be done six weeks in advance, after that period 30% of the cancellated price will be calculated.

During the stay no amount will be returned when days are reduced.


During schoolholidays, only placement for at least a week is possible. If I am full, I work with waiting lists in case there are still cancellations. Here, two rabbits have priority over placement over one rabbit.

Every day from 9AM till 12 AM you can bring and pickup the rabbits. It's always with an appointment.


€ 40,- Grooming each half an hour

€ 35,- Grooming each half hour for customers PetzCare hotel

€   4,- extra for spraying with anti-Myiasis

€   9,- Vetramil wound ointment to use on the skin when the rabbit has a lot of felt and red skin

A normal rabbit takes like 30 till 50 minutes. Rabbits with a lot of felt will be one till two hours.

The grooming is always with an appointment.
You can pick up your rabbit at a later time. If the treatment doesn't take long, you can stay. I can also do the grooming while your rabbit is at the pension during your holiday. Then I have more time during the week and the rabbit will not be stressful.

Grooming salon at your home and animal pick up and returning home service of PetzCare
When you are not able to bring your own pets to PetzCare, it is possible to make use of the pick up and returning service of PetzCare.€ 30,- each ride plus € 0,50 each km. I can also come to groom your rabbit then there will also be grooming costs on the amount.



€   4,-  Linseed 250 grams

€   8,-  Linseed 250 grams in container or jar

€   6,-  Linseed 400 grams

€ 10,-  Linseed 400 grams in container

€ 11,-  Linseed 400 grams in jar

€   8,-  Linseed 600 grams

€   4,-  Mix leaves and flowers 100 grams

€   6,-  Mix 100 grams in container

€ 14,-  Mix leaves and flowers 400 grams

€ 18,-  Mix  500 grams in container

€   4,-  Seperate leafs

€ 18,-  Science Selective rabbit feeding 3 kilos

€   5,- Herb hay 500 gram


Grooming products

€ 15,-  Boar hairbrush long harrow narrow

€ 15,-  Boar hairbrush short hairs wide

€   7,-  Nail scissors



€ 16,-    Willow 20x38 new

€   8,-    Willow tunnel 20x38 used during pensionperiod

€   6,-    Willow tunnel 10x25 new

€   3,-     Willow tunnel 10x25 used during pensionperiod

€ 13,50 Willow bridge 51 cm

€ 15,-    Relax basket 38x25 extra soft

€ 12,-    Relax basket 38x31 mediuw size

 €  5,-    Relax basket 30x22 small

€ 12,50 Poop pee and relax tray 52x40x15

€ 12,50 Icepod



€ 13,- Anti-Myiasis spray

€   9,- Vetramil wound ointment


Rabbitcare at your home

€ 30,- each time plus travel expenses for taking care of rabbits at your home.

€ 4,- extra for more rabbits to take care

For travel expenses € 30,- plus € 0,50 per kilometer will be charged. For determining the number of kilometers traveled is calculated from postcode 1424 PA De Kwakel. Parking fee is also charged.
When I have to visit the VET I calculate travel costs and costs made by the veterinarian.
And I do not charge consultation and travel expenses for collection and returning the house key!

These rates are VAT included and excluding additional costs such as travel expenses.