Extra services and products

PetzCare is happy to offer you additional services and products. I would like to make it as pleasant as possible for your rabbit / rodent at PetzCare. This can be done by cutting nails or giving a trim.

I have also selected products that I think are fun and useful for your animals. Some items I already have for your rabbits in the enclosure, but it would certainly be useful to have them in your possession. You can already use them during the stay, but it is also certainly intended that your rabbit can benefit at home from these useful products.

You can indicate/order the services/products in advance so that I can add it to the bill of the reception period. It is also possible to order the extra services/products as soon as you bring your rabbit/rodent. At that time you can pay in cash or via a Tikkie (prices on the website are leading).

If you wish to make use of a trim sessieon, I will pass on the costs to you after the treatment, since the costs are calculated per half hour.


Cut nails and extra actions

€   7,-  Clip nails 1 rabbit

€ 13,-  Clip nails 2 rabbits

€   7,- Spray anti-Myiasis 1 rabbit

€ 13-  Spray anti-Myiasis 2 rabbits

€   6,-   Administer medication,force feeding once per day

€ 10,-   Administer medication, force feeding etc. two times or more per day 


€ 40,- Grooming/cut hairs/comb/shave/ clip nails per half an hour

€ 35,- Grooming per half an hour for customers PetzCare hotel


I offer you some products to complete the nutrition, I have selected fun entertainment items, grooming articles and 2 medical items for you.

Flaxseed chunks

Rabbits really love flaxseed kibble and are a healthy addition to the daily diet. Keep an eye on whether rabbits that are sensitive to sticky poop can tolerate these kibbles.

Flaxseeds contain omega 3 fatty acid (important for heart and blood vessels) antioxidants, vitamin B1 and B2, magnesium, calcium, zinc and potassium. It is very rich in fiber, which stimulates intestinal function.

In addition, it has a cleansing effect, provides a feeling of satiety, is good for the fur coat and helps the rabbits to get through the shedding.


Rabbits up to 1 kilo 1 per day
Rabbits up to 2 kilos 2 per day
and 3 for larger rabbits

€  5,50 Flaxseed chunks 250 grams

€  7,50 Flaxseed chunks 400 grams

€ 10,-   Flaxseed chunks 600 grams

€   2,-   Container or jar


Note: do not increase in the recommended daily amount, it may cause diarrhea or overweight!

Herbs for rabbits and rodents

Herbs are essential for rabbits and rodents and especially tasty for them. I have made a choice from different leaves and flowers that I think are healthy.

They are freshly purchased and assembled by hand. You can also order the herbs and leaves separately.

Always let the animals get used to new herbs and certainly do not feed too much!!!

1 tablespoon per day is sufficient (maximum 5 grams). When visiting the vet, always mention what herbs you give to your rabbit. Do not feed herbs in combination with medication unless the veterinarian approves this in consultation.

Keep cool, dry and preferably dark to prevent loss of nutrients.

€   5,- Mix of flowers and leaves 100 grams

€ 14,- Mix of flowers and leaves 400 grams

€ 18,- Mix of flowers and leaves 500 grams

€   2,- Plastic containermix 500 grams in container


Mix Leaves and flowers

The flowers and leaves below are in the PetzCare mix and you can buy them seperately:

€ 5,- per 100 grams:

Strawberry leafs
Wound healing / Blood purifying / Supports kidneys in operation / Counters acts complaints / Works with diarrhea and other stomach disorders

Birch leaf
Blood purifying / Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic / Diuretic / Prevents bladder/kidney stones / Support for joint problems such as arthritis

Has a positive influence on the immune system / It is blood purifying / Stimulates digestion / Against anemia

Raspberry leaf
Works well against diarrhea / Inflamed airways / Blood purifying / Anti-inflammatory

Strengthens the immune system / Reduces digestive complaints / Works against stomach / inflammations, ulcers and cramps / Detoxing, stimulates wound healing, soothes pain / Supports liver disease (main herb) / Supports gallbladder / Supports digestive glands and metabolism / Anti-fungus and anti-bacterial effect

Medicinal / Tasty / Lot of vitamins / Carotene, manganese, sodium, calcium, potassium, silicium , Iron, sulphur, copper, zinc, silicic acid, choline, magnesium, saponin, bittering agent / Tanning agents, ethteric oil, xantophyl, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K / Promotes the functioning of glands and metabolism / Reggs the skin and gives shiny fur coat / Stimulates formation of new connective tissue / Stimulates autonomic nervous system / lowers blood pressure /Supports the functioning of the heart / Good for digestion

Plaintain leaf
Appetite inducing / Food digestion promoting / Diarrhea inhibiting / Prevents blockage / Anti-inflammatory / Works against diseases of the respiratory organs / Cleans the blood

Anti-inflammatory / Analgesic / Anti-rheumatic / Antipyretic / Infection resistant

Marigold / Chamomile / Rose flower/ Parsley / Lucerne / Anti-inflammatory / Soothing / Promotes digestion / Strengthens the immune system / Ensures a good metabolism / Stimulates appetite / Illuminated gas / gas drifting

MarigoSunflower / cornflower / apple pieces / willow leaf / green oats
/ Anti-inflammatory / Analgesic , anti- rheumatic, Antipyretic / Infection resistant / Reinforced inmmuun system / Light urine driving effect / Good for convalescent animals / Contains calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus /  vitamins B, K and E and folic acid

Herb hay 500 grams

Of course, PetzCare has enough hay during your animal's stay. I have several variants. If you want your rabbit to receive specific herbal hay, you can order a bag of Nettle / Marigold.

€ 6,-

Supreme Science Selective 3 kg

The intention is that you bring the hard food yourself during your animal's stay at PetzCare. If the feed is finished or you have forgotten it, I offer a 3kg bag.

Supreme Science Rabbit is a complete and balanced food for rabbits older than 4 months and suitable for any breed.The feed is specially developed for active adult rabbits. The uniform and fiber-rich grain prevents selective eating behavior and helps prevent dental problems.

The feed contains the optimal fiber content and stimulates digestion and contains no added sugars. Up to 15/20 gram feed at kg of rabbit per day.

3 kg. / € 20,-


Make sure your rabbits are active. I let my rabbits look for the feed themselves every day. So sprinkle the granules in the loft on top of the straw instead of in a container.

Boar hairbrush narrow long hairs

A brush of boar hairs is the best brush to brush your animals with. I have selected a handy format for you.This brush is narrow and has long hairs, easy for the long-haired rabbits and guinea pigs.

€ 15,-

Boar hairbrush wide short hairs

This boar hair brush is also a fine brush to use. This brush has shorter hairs, this is ideal for short-haired rabbits and guinea pigs.

€ 15,-

Nail scissors for rabbit/rodent

Of course you can have your rabbit cut by PetzCare, but if you want to do it yourself at home, I offer nail scissors.

At the nail, take a good look at the life in the nail and also leave a little space above the blood vessel before you cut into the nail.

€ 7,-

Willow tunnel

Nature-friendly tunnel of willow trees for rabbits/rodents, ideal for playing, hiding and nibbling on. Your rabbits/rodents receive a tunnel for free during their shelter period in their enclosure, so that they can gnaw wonderfully.

Tunnel 20x38  € 17,-

Tunnel 10x25  € 7,-

Willow bridge 51 cm

Rabbits/rodents are prey animals and are naturally used to being able to crawl away from danger. So always make sure they have places where they can crawl under.

The willow bridge is ideal for your rabbit/rodent to sit under. The bridge is flexible and can be used in different shapes.

€ 14,- 


My 4 rabbits lie in relax baskets every day. This is also fine in an outdoor loft, if you put something underneath in the inner part (e.g. a rubber mat) against the wetness.

Of course , your rabbit should not bite it in pieces. I have selected the 3 most comfortable baskets for you.

I have all three for my rabbits so they can choose and not argue for a spot.

Relaxmand pluche 38x25x7 cm

Relax basket plush 38x25x7 cm

This basket for rabbits / rodents is made of wonderfully soft plush and with non-slip bottom. The edge of the polyester fleece filling gives the animal a nice support to lie against or to rest the head on.

The lying surface contains a foam rubber filling for sufficient support of the body.

€ 17,-

Relaxbasket medium size L 38x W 31

Reversible cuddle bed for rabbits and other small animals. With cotton cover and lambskin look. Softly lined with foam. Cleaning by hand possible.

In colors pink or blue.

€ 13,-

Small relax basket L30 x W 22

This is a smaller variant, which certainly includes the rabbits / rodents.

Also ideal for guinea pigs.

€ 6,-

Poop/pee and also relax bowl for your rabbit

This litter box is ideal for your rabbit. The dimensions are 52x40x15.

I find the traditional pee /corner trays very annoying.

They are quite small, and the rabbits always throw them in the air. These bins are very nice and I always use 2 bins.A container to urinate / defecate in and they always use a container to lie in / chill.

€ 17,-

Scratch & Newon Ice Pod cooling disc 21 cm

In the summer months it can get very hot. At the shelter I always make sure that I have these cooling discs ready to let the rabbits / rodents cool down. Also ideal to have at home .

You put the cooling disc in the freezer for a few hours with the convex side up (minitimes 3 to 4 hours but longer is also allowed) and then put it in a place where the rabbit likes to lie. The disc then releases coolness for a long period of time, allowing your animal to cool down during the hot days and reducing the risk of overheating.

The icepod is designed in such a way that it is resistant to gnawing. Due to the sophisticated shape and the hard material, it is safe for most rabbits.

Always use the Ice Pod under supervision.

The ice pod can be used without a cover, because of the coat they can lie directly on it.

Cooling disc for rabbits and rodents
a few hours in the freezer
can do without cover
and resistant to most rabbit teeth

€ 15,-


This is a product that prevents and combats Myiasis (maggot disease) in rabbits caused by the blue-green fly.

Prevents and figths Myiasis
Kills eggs and maggots
Up to 3 months active
Active substance Ivermectin 0,5 mg/ml

The fly lays eggs on the skin or on the remaining stool in the coat. The maggots then eat their way through the skin and can then cause blood poisoning and infections.

The rabbit can then die within 24 hours. If Anti-Myiasis is sprayed on the coat, the eggs no longer hatch and any maggots present are killed. Your rabbit will then be protected against maggot disease for about three months.

Spray the right amount of liquid on the back of the animal, from the middle of the back to the tip of the tail. The surface under the tail and between the hind legs of the animal deserves extra attention. Treat early in the summer, before there are flies.

Do not repeat the treatment within 4 weeks. 12 weeks of work.

Indication of use:

Spraying rabbit weight     number ot times
0,5-1                                  5
1-1,5                                  7
1,5-3                                  9
>3                                      1 5

You should not use the spray:
On rabbits/guinea pigs younger than 8 weeks
On damaged skin
In case of disease, weakness or lactating animals
In case of hypersensitivity to active substance

€ 16,-

Vetramil wound ointment 10 grams

If your rabbits are very felted, abrasions can occur on the skin after a grooming. The hairs are so tense that the house is very sensitive. Just smear with wound ointment and it is soon over again.

Rabbits / rodents with Pododermatis (inflammation on the sole of the foot) also benefit if you smear on the paw 2x a day.

Vetramil wound ointment contains pure, medicinal honey with a high enzyme content.

The enzymes in the honey produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide in a moist wound, making the wound clean and bacteria-free within a few days.

The honey accelerates wound healing and heals the damaged skin. Heals quickly and tastes dirty so is not licked clean.

€ 11,-